Our Vision

We develop and produce solutions through machine processing of technical plastics.    

In order for this vision to become reality, we have established values that stand for the character of the PolyTherm company and form the basis of our thoughts and actions.


For us, openness means that we actively listen to one another at all levels and are open to new ideas and criticism. We are open to one another and live this attitude together.

Spirit of innovation

For us, the spirit of innovation means being creative, constantly questioning the current situation and improving it. If we live this thought, we can be innovative in all areas.


For us, courage means questioning the status quo, thinking unconventionally and daring to experiment. People who stand up for their convictions and colleagues, admit mistakes and learn from them are courageous.


For us, quality means working continuously to improve in all areas of the company. Our goal is to always convince our customers with first-class quality, good service, reliability and well thought-out solutions.

Customer orientation

For us, customer orientation means responding to the needs of our customers and optimising processes in the interest of our customers. We see internal and external partners as our customers and want to support them in their work.


For us, appreciation means treating each other with respect and honesty. We treat each other as equals and recognise each other's good performance.


For us, sustainability means offering our customers sustainable solutions. We are aware of our responsibility for our environment and for the common good and reconcile economic, social and ecological interests.