TPS Injection / Extrusion

Thermoplastic styrene block copolymers are characterized by a large number of particularly good physical properties. Here is an overview of the most important of them:  

  • Excellent ozone, UV and weather resistance thanks to the saturated elastomer phase
  • Chemical resistance to aggressive materials
  • Very little permanent deformation (like rubber) and good elasticity (which does not change significantly over time) over a wide temperature range
  • Adhesion to various polar and non-polar substrates such as PP, PA, ABS, PC, etc.
  • Good resistance to oil, better temperature resistance
  • Recyclable, lower processing costs than conventional crosslinked rubber materials
  • Lower density
  • Very good fatigue resistance and tear resistance

The requirements for our compound for your finished product are diverse. Today we have two quality levels in our range with which we can cover a large number of these different requirements:

Regranulate series

  • Raw material used: predominantly regrind from clean SEBS production waste
  • Slight fluctuations in the mechanical properties from batch to batch are possible
  • Suitable for applications with simple to medium technical requirements
  • Shore hardness from Shore A55 to Shore D50

Polysan series

  • Material used: granulates made from virgin material
  • Suitable for applications with medium to higher technical requirements
  • Shore hardness from Shore A55 to Shore D50

Application spectrum

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