Natural TPU compound for 3D printers made of regran-materials

PolyTherm has developed a special TPU compound for use in 3D printers. The special compound is based on high-quality regranulates.

The 3D printing industry has been booming for several years. In recent months, PolyTherm has repeatedly been asked to produce a high-quality TPU compound based on regenerated plastics.

In the last few months we have worked intensively with our raw material suppliers and our customers on a technical solution. After a few development steps, we have now developed a suitable TPU compound whose technical design meets all the requirements for complex and sophisticated 3D printing.

The result is a high-performance, extrudable compound that is available in large, reproducible quantities at any time thanks to secure procurement sources.

This is another sustainable new development from PolyTherm for the use of regenerated plastics in new, modern areas of application.

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